The environment encompasses a very wide range of disciplines. Therefore, a comprehensive solution of projects in environmental protection requires the involvement of a very wide range of experts. In cooperation with our long-time external collaborators from independent experts and specialists, we also offer you activities that are often connected with our orientation in larger complex projects.


We provide our customers with support through outsourcing in the field of environmental protection. For us this consists of representing the client to the fullest in matters concerning environmental protection. The assistance we provide can range from communicating with the state authorities, assisting the customer with producing environmental reports and evidence, to consulting project proposals, etc.


For investors working with harmful substances and noxious agents, the responsibility to produce an emergency plan is stated by the relevant legislation (§39 of č. 254/2001 Sb., on water).

The type of emergency plan required in such situations is further specified in the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment č. 450/2005 Sb., on the methods of harmful substance management and methods of producing emergency plans, the procedures and scope necessary for notifications concerning an emergency, and moderating and removing the consequences of such emergency states.


Waste management plans are processed by the ministry, the regional authorities, and by municipalities according to Act č. 185/2001 Sb., on waste.

The purpose of waste management planning is to prevent waste and to manage it according to the above mentioned legislation.


Graphic representation in the form of map compositions is included in the majority of documents we produce. Our experience in presenting information to the general and professional public alike make us the ideal team when processing environmental data for any specific situation.


We offer production of information materials aimed at environmental campaigns. We can guarantee that the content we provide will be professional and focused, but also accessible for the members of the general public.


In collaboration with external energy auditors, our company offers processing of regional energy conceptions, complete energy audits, or just simply standalone energy audits for the target project.


Our team also offers specialist technical assistance in all areas of investment construction. Specialist supervision over the correct proceedings of construction works, professional counselling in the matters of construction act and construction planning.

With the help of external colleagues, our team offers the following services:

  • Detailing of the proposed location for investment construction.
  • Ensuring that all contracts with property owners have been agreed upon and signed.
  • Professional evaluation of landscape character.
  • Exemption from Agricultural Land Resources.
  • Fire safety planning of constructions.
  • Processing of expert opinions – regarding statics, etc.
  • Processing documentation for planning permission procedures and construction permits.
  • Completion of area and construction permits.
  • Technical supervision of investors.
  • Providing noise and vibration monitoring.
  • Producing a geometric plan of a location.
  • Discussing and negotiating connections to public utilities.


Methods of Identification of “selective markers” for individual sources of environmental pollution.

Project Aims

The aim of this project is a verification of the analytical method of identifying specific markers for individual sources of pollution in PM10 dust particles and smaller.

In the Moravian-Silesian region, the presence of PM10 particles in the air is a major factor in endangering the air quality of the region. As heightened concentrations of PM10 have direct effect on health and wellbeing of the population, there have been attempts to identify the main sources of such pollution in areas important for further development of cities and municipalities. With this position in mind, it is important to not only monitor the quantification of dust particles and whether they have surpassed the approved limits, but for the realisation of future corrective steps it is crucial to identify their individual sources.

Our Team

This project is led in collaboration with VŠB-TU Ostrava, and the ENET centre.

Our support

Realisation of this project is supported by the Moravian-Silesian regional authorities, together with financial support of the grant for “Support for Business in the Moravian-Silesian Region”.