In fields relating to projects funded from public resources, we focus mainly on the Operational Programme Environment (OPE). The members of our team draw extensively on the skills and experience we have been able to acquire as a company throughout the duration of the programme in the years 2007 – 2013, and we make sure to consistently apply this knowledge to adapt to the needs of our customers in the current programming period 2014 – 2020..

We provide our clients with complex consultation support in the process of applying for grants from OPE in the following priority axes:

Priority Axis 2 – Improvement of Air Quality in Human Settlements

The specific objectives of Priority Axis 2 are:

2.1 – To reduce emissions from domestic heating contributing to population’s exposure to excessive concentrations of pollutants.

2.2 – To reduce emissions from stationary sources contributing to the population’s exposure to excessive concentrations of pollutants.

2.3 – To improve the system for the monitoring, evaluation and forecasting the trends in air quality, and relevant meteorological aspects.

Priority Axis 3 – Waste and Material Flows, Environmental Burdens, and Risks

The specific objectives of Priority Axis 3 are:

3.1 – Waste prevention.

3.2 – To increase the share of material and energy recovery of waste.

3.3 – To remedy old landfills.

3.4 – To complete the inventory and remove environmental burdens.

3.5 – To reduce environmental risks and develop systems for their management.

To those of our clients who decide proceed with the grant application with the help of their own employees, we offer expert technical support in following fields:

  • Processing of dispersion studies (we hold an authorisation accredited to us by the Ministry of the Environment)
  • Producing expert opinions according to Ambient Air Protection Act (we hold an authorisation accredited to us by the Ministry of the Environment)
  • Processing feasibility studies for projects focused on issues regarding ambient air protection

We have years of experience with processing applications for OPE grants. Tasks related to these issues are led by our employee who successfully completed a focused educational programme ‘Project Manager with the Focus on Handling Projects Financed from the Operational Programme Environment’ led by Raven EU Advisory a.s.

Our attention to detail and enthusiasm towards our work reflects not only in the number of projects prepared by us, or containing a feasibility study processed by our company which have been successfully completed or are currently undergoing realisation with the support from OPE. Our main achievement is that our clients are satisfied with our services often become returning customers.
When producing documentation of any kind, we are able to draw on our years of experience gained from processing dispersion studies for various types of emission sources, expert opinions in the field of ambient air protection, and other environment related studies and apply these on our work.